Mojotone Completes Acquisition of Lopo Line, Inc.

Mojotone's two-year plan to acquire and fully integrate Lopo Line comes to fruition.

Burgaw, NC (PRWEB) October 11, 2013

Mojotone, the industry leader in the distribution of guitar and amplifier parts and contract amplifier manufacturing, is pleased to announce the completion of its acquisition and integration of Lopo Line, Inc. into its core business. Go to

Lopo Line, a California-based maker of boutique amplifier cabinets, will become wholly owned by Mojotone and all manufacturing will now be done at Mojotone's Burgaw facility.

"We've been able to expand relationships with Lopo Line's customers and are now ready to make Lopo Line a full part of Mojotone," said Mojotone CEO, Michael McWhorter.

"This will include integrating Lopo Line into our existing production and maintaining a high level of quality control across all of our brands. To that end, we will also have key Lopo Line employees joining our production staff in North Carolina."

Mojotone is America's leading provider of custom-made amplifier cabinets, amplifier parts and guitar parts, offering over 5,000 products to professional and amateur musicians via its headquarters in North Carolina.

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